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Why Woodturning Bowls

For me and I suspect others wood turning is personally rewarding. Learning the skills is an ongoing process and I continue to want to improve. Beyond the skills there is also mastering the craft which for me is different in that the form and finish of the work whether a bowl or box is equally important. The whole process from  finding the wood to the finished piece is a passage of discovery because that wooden log will be turned into something I can visualize only in my mind.
When it comes to the actual work on the lathe all my senses seem to be involved from visual to the feeling in my hands. I can hear the chisel peeling the wood away and smell those freshly cut shavings. There is a joy as the form emerges and a sense of power as the new forms shape is manipulated and puled from that wooden block.

I started turning years ago as a hobby and now it is a full time vocation. Bowls built up around the house and I could follow my process of improvement. The improvement was and still is very important part of why  I continue turn and I still do so enthusiastically. As new skills were learned in technique, design, decoration and finishing I began to give bowls away first family and then friends. Giving wood turned bowls to these people is a good thing. I hope. They were always gracious about the gift and it made me feel good. I tied to give bowls that were functional with directions for upkeep so there was not the need for display. I am not sure on visits I have ever seen one of my great works displayed except of course at my mothers house.

I have branched out to turning boxes. For me this is different, finicky and detailed. It has made me learn other skills which I find most interesting and continues my path of learning.

I also have to admit I am a bit of a toolaholic. Turning seems to give endless ways to explore this particular addiction. My collection of chisels is probably a bit over the top and I use just a few repeatedly but I like having the rest. I seem to focus on the tools for sale in turning publications more than the features. I admit to finding this aspect of the craft fun and I enjoy it.   I will keep turning bowls and boxes and would do so without selling them. I like the joy of turning not just mastering the craft. I like the feeling I get when a piece is finished and well made. I hope that my turned pieces will also bring joy to others.


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