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Unique Christmas Gifts

Unique Christmas Gifts

If you are considering giving your loved ones Christmas gifts for the home this holiday season here is an idea. Consider a wooden bowl. Wooden bowls are not simply home decorations but functional items to be used for many years after their giving. Giving one this holiday season will make Christmas memorable over the bowls many years  of use.  The wooden bowl may be their fist one particularly for an individual or a couple who are just starting out. It will be appreciated as an essential item for the home just like a small appliance but will last many times longer.

Create a Gift Basket

Use the bowl for additional giving by filling it with other items to enhance the holidays and beyond. Include things like specialized food items, scented candles, wine glasses or whatever your imagination can think of.  Perhaps wrapping won’t be necessary with just a Christmas bow as the bowl will make a presentation all by itself.

Care Of Your Wooden Gift

The bowl is meant for continuous use so full description of its cleaning and care is included when purchased for those who have never owned one.  A wooden bowl doesn’t have to be stored away using it as a decorative piece in the kitchen can not hurt it.

Personalize The Bowl

Get personal with your gift. When ordering the date (year only) and the word Christmas or Holiday can be added to the base at no extra charge. Just specify which on the order.

Wooden Boxes

The store also has a range of decorative boxes that may fit your gift idea or price range.  They will make a charming decorative or storage piece for small valuables.

Have a happy holiday and Christmas season.


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