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Art and Crafts In Thornbury and Clarksburg Ontario

My woodworking studio is located in Thornbury Ontario. This delightful town is on the west side of Georgian Bay sometimes referred to as the sixth great lake. Thornbury is a short distance from the better know town of Collingwood. It is in a largely rural and agricultural area with the main crop being apples. The growers produce multiple apple varieties, check out how many at onapples.com. There has been a recent branching out to a grape crop although this is in it’s infancy. Right next to Thornbury is the small village of Clarksburg although the proximity makes it seem as one location.

The entire area is a vibrant place with a busy four season tourism industry driven by winter activities with skiing being predominant.  A range of warm weather activities like boating swimming and biking keep the area busy year round. As well as the local residents there are a vast number of seasonal homes used both in winter and summer. This gives our area a population which far exceeds the local inhabitants. Add our transient tourists and we have a ready clientele for all types of retail activity.

In the small downtown area of Thornbury there are six art galleries or gallery craft store combinations, add to that various home decor establishments also selling crafts and you have a huge range of creative works to chose from. Within this shopping area there are 19 food establishments so you won’t go hungry during a visit. The town has an active Business Improvement Area association and it is worth a visit to their website for information: www.thornbury.ca . Clarksburg or Artsburg as many call it has now become a center for art and crafts in the region with galleries and studios lining the small main street.

The displays of art are always changing so multiple visits are not out of the order. I have to mention one establishment in particular and it is not a gallery but Hindles an old fashioned hardware store. It’s a fantastic place with wooden floors and hand cranked cash register. The range of merchandise is amazing and its worth a visit to Clarksburg all by itself. The Marsh Street Center (on the main street) is a cultural hot spot for the area hosting theater, art shows and musical events. Check out the Clarksburg website at www.clarksburg.ca

Our area hosts a range of events. Like other areas studio tours have become popular. The 19 annual art tour happens spring and fall on the Canadian Victoria day weekend and Thanksgiving weekend. This year the Thanksgiving dates are October 11 to 13. There are 12 participating studios. Visit their website for location: www.tourofthearts.ca

Another notable Fall event is the Apple Harvest Festival . It has a huge range of activities throughout the three days of October 11 to 13 lots of which are in Thornbury and Clarksburg so you could combine event participation with gallery and studio visits. Goggle Apple Harvest Festival for information.

As you can see I am located in a fine place to pursue my bowl and box making.

I would welcome visits to my studio at 45 Alfred Street East in Thornbury.


Downtown Thornbury with Georgian Bay in the background

Downtown Thornbury with Georgian Bay in the background

Thornbury harbour at the end of main street

Thornbury harbour at the end of main street



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