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After Washing Should I Oil my Bowl Each Time?

That is not required, however waxing with a beeswax based past should be done after multiple washing’s. That applies to a wooden cutting board as well. That sort of wax is readily available. Do not use food oils such as Olive, Canola or other types as not only can they go rancid they gum up the wood.

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Are They Made With Food Safe Finishes?

All of Martins Bowls are food safe with a finish based on raw Tung oil. There has been much misleading marketing on food safety. Most finishes are safe after they have cured which occurs in thirty days or less. You should not be able to smell a finish if it has cured.

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Why Wood For A Salad Bowl?

They look great. They have been used for centuries with great success. Try and crush garlic in a ceramic or steel bowl when making a Cesar, they are way better for that. They will not wilt the lettuce like a cold steel or ceramic bowl.

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