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About Us
Martin Kimble is the maker of the Salad bowls on this site. He has branched out into turning decorative vessels and boxes (although they are round) some of which are shown in the store. The studio is located in Thornbury Ontario a small town on the shore of Georgian Bay.

Martin started turning as a hobby over fifteen years ago and as his skills got better it has now become a full time occupation. The wood he uses for the bowls all comes from local trees that are removed for various reasons. Chain saw in hand Martin collects the pieces needed for the bowls. The basic round shapes are cut out with a chain saw or for the smaller bowls a band saw.

Martin rough turns the bowl shapes from the wood as wet as possible then the bowl is set to dry for five or six months. He slows the drying by placing them in paper yard bags wrapped tightly. The bowl is then turned into its final form. It is then finished with food safe oil and a bees wax polish.

The boxes are done a little differently. They are turned from dry wood and can have multiple wood types in a single box.

Martin is a member of the America Association of Woodturners where he gets valuable information on things like finishing and wood turning techniques.

The Lathe in the studio. Made in Canada!              And the Studio.

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