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One of a Kind Wooden Salad Bowls

wooden salad bowls for sale

Wooden salad bowls makes a dinner setting look very appealing, homemade, and very healthy.  Martin Kimble enjoys preparing fine food from the best ingredients and likes compliment his hard work in the kitchen by using a handmade wooden bowl and a large wooden cutting board while serving.

You and your guests will be sitting at a table and will surely notice the unique wooden salad bowl and large wooden cutting board, this is sure to be a source of conversation. You can tell the story of ordering it from a master craftsman and that it is handmade from real Canadian wood. Take dining and entertaining to the next level. Read on to learn more.

He also happens to be a very talented wood turner, that is some one who makes salad bowls and other artistic creations from native Canadian wood.

All bowls are finished with food safe natural oils and bees wax. This site has wooden bowls for sale from a talented local artist. You will get satisfaction knowing you are supporting a local artist.

Martin has branched out into turning wooden decorative boxes. The are very eye catching themselves they are great containers for your valuables.

Site Update – Whats New on WoodenSaladBowls.net

Due to popular demand Martin is now creating the following works of art from real Canadian wood:

  • large wooden salad bowls
  • small wooden salad bowls
  • turned wood vases
  • large wooden cutting boards (also great as a serving platter when entertaining)
  • one of a kind wood stash boxes to, you know, stash your stuff

In additon to the above creations, which are all hand made by a master Canadian craftsman, you will find

Look around and enjoy the site. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact Martin to get a personal reply from Martin, the maker of everything on this site.

As mentioned all wooden salad bowls and all the other items on this site are one of a kind. They are unique.

When you buy one of these wooden salad bowl, hand turned vase, or stash box you can be sure you are getting a work of art that NO ONE else has or will ever have.

If you have a request for a customer send Martin all the information and perhaps a sketch or picture and see what he can do. Chances are he will be able to craft what ever you want.

Also note, being an avid sailor for over 50 years Martin can craft many wooden parts for boats and will withstand the rigor of life at sea. His main passion is creating wooden salad bowls, hand turned wooden vases, unique stash boxes, and large wooden cutting boards, however he will be happy to discuss other projects with you.

Why Buy Wooden Salad Bowls From Martin?

Working out of a relatively high tech shop in Thornbury Ontario Martin sources wood from the surrounding Blue Mountain area. Often using stumps and cut off that would be thrown out. This ensure nothing is wasted and that you are getting genuine Canadian wood crafted items.

You will not find his items for sale on any of the big websites as these are mostly filled with cheap offshore junk. Do not buy the same $10 mystery wood bowl from China that 20,000 other ebay or amazon members have.

If you plan on using your bowls and cutting boards to serve food do not trust off shore products that have likely been treated with toxic chemicals and often support slave like conditions and wages.

Just In Time for that Special Event

Looking for a custom wooden bowl, vase, or cutting board? Perhaps you want a present for a wedding engraved with the couples names and date? No problem, Martin can do it!

Keep in mind that wood customizations on wooden bowls and wood stash boxes etc. like this take extra time so please order in advance.

Thank you for supporting a local North American craftsman.

If you have any questions you can contact Martin directly or read the frequently asked questions.

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